About Us

BEB-Stahl is specialised in trading (BEB Stahlhandel GmbH & Co. KG) and processing (BEB Stahlbearbeitung KG) flat products.

For more than four decades the company, located in Bochum and Duisburg (germany), stands for highest quality, flexibility and adherence to schedules.

We straightengrind and cut construction steel, fine grained steel, alloyed steel, tool steel, non-ferrous steel, titanium, tempered special purpose steel, shipbuilding steel, steel suitable for pressurized vessels and security steel. We process flat products, constructions, profiles, beams, tubes, billets ans shafts.

We traderoll out and deliver: flat productsslabscontinuously cast slabsingotssemi-finished productssheets and platesheavy plates and flame-cut parts. Customer requested rolled flatproducts can be delivered within a week or two.

Our experienced and dedicated members of staff fulfill the high aims of our clients, thus they are the backbone of our enterprise and its success. Our outstanding reputation is due to them. Our QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 guarantees the high and consistent quality of our products and services.

Mission Statement

Christian standards of value

Christian standards of value are the foundation for acting responsibly with our employees, customers and suppliers for us. According to our understanding, a sustainable corporate philosophy, which acts efficiently, the environment and resources, and promoting staff, secure ongoing economic success. Forward thinking and acting to promote an optimal result. A steady maximize the profits at the expense of all those involved counteracts the humanly possible, and thus does not meet our expectations.
How are we different from others?
By anticipatory action, the many years of experience in the steel market and the thoroughly professional approach, BEB guarantees the customers a special service. In the field of steel processing BEB Stahlbearbeitung KG can so far be made usable again through the cold and hot forming unusable material.
Staff philosophy
Whether in sales, technics or in the administration: Good employees are the foundation of any business. They ensure the success - today and in the future. We are a family business and, in particular attach great importance to employee-friendly corporate culture.
What's important to us?
Customer satisfaction is the highest priority: owners and employees ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services, products and prices. We believe in the long-term and close cooperation with our customers.

Quality Management

We see "quality, safety and environmental protection" as an absolute prerequisite for our economic success.
Quality means for us to produce products that provide the required functions of the planned service life flawless and reliable. This claim is not met, created unacceptable costs for our customers and for us. The measure of our quality formulated solely by the customer. Safety and environmental protection mean for us to implement processes that health and safety for our employees and minimizing the environmental impact at the sites. We want to avoid unnecessary risk Each.
We ensure "quality, safety and environmental protection" by preventive measures
A high standard of "Quality, Safety and Environment" only by control, rework or disposal reach, means waste of time, money and resources. We consciously focus on early quality security planning and preventatives measures; even if this initially higher effort is applied. This is more than offset by the constant improvement of our methods and our processes and reducing overhead.
We secure our competitiveness through the continuous improvement of product quality and our services
One of the main principles of our philosophy is not to be satisfied with the present level. The efficiency of our products and our processes must be continuously improved. We want to increase our level of performance and reduce the effort to fulfill the requirements at the same time. Only this will ensure us in the long run a good relationship with our customers and a high level of acceptance in society.
The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is for us since 1996 course
This internationally recognized standard is in times of globalization and increasing competition for our customers around the globe a reliable indicator for our expertise and at the same time the proof of our quality capability through constant monitoring and optimization of our operations and production processes. A review / audit by an independent, accredited certification company carried out annually. Our flexible and dynamic management system allows to adapt our products and services to meet the quality requirements and needs of our customers.