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The BEB Stahlhandel GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer and supplier for flat products, slabs, continuously cast slabs, semi-finished products, and plates (heavy plates / quarto plates). We deliver mostly unalloyed structural steel according to DIN EN 10025 between 20-700 mm thickness. Our customers come from the following sectors: heavy engineering, mechanical engineering, oxygen cutting, steel distributors, component construction, plant construction, welded assemblies, press construction, crane construction, wind turbines, ground plates, agriculture machinery.

Our finished goods warehouse in Bochum is always stocked with the usual trade dimensions. In addition, we are able to customer rolled flat products (depending on the deformation of sheets / heavy plates or slabs) within 7 - 14 days to deliver. For this reason, BEB offers in Duisburg about a well-stocked raw material stock of continuously cast slabs or ingots. We supply wide optimized input stock.

Our manufacturing facilities allow a short-term pre-processing. Our products are addressed before delivery. Machining allowances in the thickness for subsequent machining operations can thus largely eliminated. In addition to directing, we offer as a service to the grinding, abrasive cutting or sawing of steel products.

Our material meets the current quality requirements that are at all times tested by independent testing laboratories. We offer as required chemical and mechanical tests with relevant test certificates at (hardness tests, tensile and impact tests, ultrasound tests according to DIN EN 10160, 3.1-inspection certificates and inspection certificates 2.2 to DIN EN 10204). Depending on requirements, our steel is heat treated (normalizing, stress relieving, annealing, normalizing). The heat treatment is carried out at our location in Duisburg. In addition, we also act declassified material (2a steel / steel IIa)

20 - 700 mm

general structural steel
S235, S235J2+N (St 37)
S275, S275J2+N (St 44)
S355, S355J2+N (St 52)
various tube and pipe grades